Training Consultation

New to owning a puppy? Not sure where to start with training? Schedule a phone call or send us an email with questions!

Phone: FREE

In Person: $40

Private Training Session

One-on-one training to give you and your pup the attention you deserve! Basic obedience, crate training, behavior modification, and more! We customize the training plan to meet your needs.

In person 60 minute session: $95

Virtual 60 minute session: $80

In-Home Day Training

One-on-one training and dog walker in one! A trainer comes to your home during the day to train your pup for two hours. 

One day: $200

Three day bundle: $550

5 day bundle: $850

Curriculum Based Courses

Intermediate I

This course is the next stage in obedience training to teach your pup how to listen with added challenges.

Ages: 8 months+

*Must Take Puppy Kindergarten or test out

6 Weeks: $500

Puppy Kindergarten

A one on one basic obedience course with curriculum to set your pup on the path to success!

Ages: 8 weeks+

6 Weeks: $500


This course teaches advanced concepts and tricks to help mentally and physically stimulate your pup!

Ages: 1.5+

*Must Take All Previous Courses or test out

6 Weeks: $500

Intermediate II

This course expands upon the concepts taught in Intermediate I and prepares you and your dog for unforeseen challenges. 

Ages: 1 year +

*Must Take Both Previous Courses or test out

6 Weeks: $500

*Payment plans available upon request.