Hello and thank you for visiting Pawesome Pup Training! My name is Selena and I am the proud owner of Pawesome Pup Training! I am committed to being a highly reputable dog trainer who puts the wellbeing of dogs and their owners first. 

What differentiates Pawesome Pup Training from other trainers?

  • Our training methods! I believe that the key to a well behaved dog is a good relationship with you! I want to ensure you leave our care with an unbreakable bond and trusting relationship between you and your pup. At Pawesome Pup Training we use positive reinforcement, interactive games, and proven and safe science based training techniques to help transform your dog into the well behaved pup you want! I customize our training programs to fit your dog and your lifestyle and we train dogs of all ages and breeds. I specialize in all levels of obedience training, behavioral issues, and service dog training. 

  • Training is fun! All of our dogs learn to love to train because we make dog training fun! We utilize each dog’s individual strengths, genetic make-up and natural desires to better understand them and guide them on a path to success. Our philosophy follows the scientific behavioral principles of operant conditioning and classical conditioning. Reward based training is and always will be the foundation of our philosophy. Your dog should never be punished or afraid because of training! Outside of our teaching methods and styles, we also teach the importance of physical and mental stimulation and body language interpretation. 

  • Remote training! While I believe you will get the most out of an in person training session, we also offer virtual training sessions if you are not local or can’t get to us for some reason! 

  • Our cost! I know that having a dog can be expensive. But I also know that training is required for you and your pup to have a happy, healthy relationship! When I was looking at getting training for my first dog, I could not believe the cost of just basic obedience training. I wanted our training to be as affordable as possible, which is why we offer aid and payment plans!