Our 5 Core Values:

1. Trust and Respect

The only way for training to be successful is if there is mutual trust and respect between you and your dog, your dog and the trainer, and you and the trainer.  


2. Creating A Bridge

One of the main things we want to see come out of training is the ability for you to effectively communicate with your dog. This means you will be able to understand your dogs needs and your dog will understand what you want from them. 

3. Fun!!

Our training should always be fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog! We never use dominance or fear based training. Our methods are always based on positive reinforcement!

4. No Mistakes Only Learning Moments

We believe that every mistake made is a learning moment. If you shift your mindset, it makes training a more rewarding and positive experience. 

5. No Dog Left Untrained

Because we believe every dog deserves to have the chance to go through training, we also believe that cost should never end up being the deciding factor. We offer both payment plans and financial aid to those that qualify!