red toller retriever dog jumping over a

Intermediate Courses

Goals of Intermediate Courses:​

  1. Strengthening and distraction proofing of the Basic or Novice Level obedience commands already learned.

  2. Greater control at farther distances. 

  3. Beginning to work towards off leash control of your dog (including heeling your dog off leash) 

  4. Adding new exercises and commands to your novice level instruction.

Intermediate I

  • Challenging recall- out of sight, with your back to your dog, calling your dog to come from a distraction such as another person or treats on the ground

  • Heel

  • Food Refusal

  • Take it

  • Long Distance commands (hand and verbal)

  • Increased distractions while giving commands

  • Walk backwards

  • Circle

Intermediate II

  • Off leash training/off leash heel

  • Sit/Down in motion- or while heeling - you keep walking but your dog must sit or down where you've told him to

  • sit-stay and down-stay out of sight

  • Verbal only or hand only commands

  • Finish command- after recalling your dog (where your dog comes and sits right in front of you), this command sends your dog around behind you and back into heel position

  • Down or sit on Recall 

  • Sit and down between legs

  • Weaving through the legs

  • Out of sight commands