Careers at Pawesome Pup Training

A young man is sitting outside training

Dog Trainer

About the Position:

  • Hours vary each week as you make your own schedule. 

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and daily access to a registered and insured vehicle

  • Must have a smartphone with a data plan capable of GPS navigation, access to online systems, and can take photos and videos

  • Must have at least two (2) years of dog handling experience

  • One year in the dog training field  is ideal, but not required

  • Pay is hourly and is based on experience with competitive starting rates and opportunity to advance

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Have a passion for animal welfare and humane and progressive animal-sheltering models

  • High School diploma or GED equivalent

  • Is organized and timely 

  • Accepts feedback willingly and works to improve based on feedback 

  • Has excellent dog handling skills with at least three years of dog training experience. 

  • Demonstrated expertise in the use of positive reinforcement. Note: Pawesome Pup Training does not use any aversive methods or tools. 

  • Customer service experience with strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Is comfortable speaking and teaching to clients and in a group setting

  • A clear and compassionate communication style with a focus on connecting with and supporting individual clients is ideal

  • Is committed to the company mission and the client community built and maintained by Pawesome Pup Training

  • Is able to work independently without direct supervision, and seeks out assistance when needed 

  • Has an understanding of various dog training theories including four quadrant balanced training, and an interest in or already developed technique in a niche area of dog training (example: agility, scent work, therapy dog training etc) 

  • Has experience with therapy and service dog programs, and aggression rehabilitation training 

  • Must strictly adhere to all safety and equipment protocols established by the company

  • Has the ability to work collaboratively with the training team to appropriately assess a dog’s behavioral needs, and create a comprehensive training plan based on each individual dog and family 

  • Will work to uphold the established standard of results-based training by building trust with clients, encouraging follow through on training, and clearly communicating training needs to the client

  • Is able to address complex behavioral issues and goals with notable success and consistency

  • Is committed to consistently continuing their training education and skills via seminars, classes, conventions and reputable online sources

  • Is knowledgeable in dog basic first aid, supplements, and CBD treatments 

  • Knowledge of dog breed characteristics and behaviors

  • Competent in breed recognition

  • Computer literate in a Mac environment, proficient in Microsoft Office and Google applications, willingness to learn and actively use management software (Pawesome Pup Training currently uses Quickbooks and Google drive- training can be provided)

Job Duties:

  • Uphold the exceptional results-based positive training program developed by Pawesome Pup Training

  • Create customized training plans for each individual client based on the client’s goals, while including observations gained while conducting an assessment of the dog for underlying behavioral and environmental concerns

  • Maintain client contact through follow up emails and provide technical assistance to clients in between sessions

  • Encourage and promote additional services to training clients when appropriate for the dog 

  • Maintain records of dog and client progress and further recommendations on the appropriate software

  • Teach 1-on-1 training sessions for a minimum of 2 hours/ week

  • Additional duties may be assigned as position grows and evolves

*Pawesome Pup Training does not use any aversive methods or tools.