Girl with Dogs

Board and Train

Graduate Labrador puppy dog on white wit

Our board and train program is designed for your peace of mind! Your pup will stay with one of our trainers 24/7 and won't be left alone in a facility overnight. You will receive daily updates on your pup's progress throughout the program. You will also be sent home with videos on all of the concepts your puppy learned and a packet full of resources when you take your pup home. 

We offer our board and train program on a weekly basis or a 21 Day Basic Obedience program. Contact us for more info!

What we cover:

-Basic Obedience Training*

-Leash Training

-Reactive Dog Behaviors (on and off leash)

-Separation Anxiety

-Crate Training

-House Training

-Barking and Growling

-Resource Guarding 

-Bath/Grooming Desensitization

*21 Day Program is recommended for best results.